Home Lockers:-

  1. Never leave your valuables out in the open. Always keep your valuables and important documents safe in a burglar or fire resistant safe.
  2. Hide the key of the safe in an uncommon place or use a digital or biometric lock.
  3. Anchor or bolt your safe to the wardrobe or to the ground

General Safety when on vacation:

  1. It is wise to occasionally change the locks on the main door. This will prevent outsiders from using duplicate keys.
  2. Make sure your home always looks like someone is still living there.
  3. Keep some lights on
  4. Ask your neighbours to keep a watch on your home
  5. Make sure all the doors, side gates and windows are closed.
  6. Request your neighbour to collect your mail frequently if you are away for a long duration.
  7. Stop the delivery of newspapers or have them collected by your neighbour.